Society for Catholic Life and Culture endeavours to support and promote authentic Catholic culture and way of life in Canada

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The Society for Catholic Life and Culture will support activities that advance the development of authentic Catholic culture, with an emphasis on families and youth.


Society for Catholic Life and Culture (SCLC) was the brainchild of Professor Dr. Leo Zawadowski, an active Catholic in the Archdiocese of Toronto. Together with John Stone, Dr. David Dooley and Dr. John Shea the organization was created to support grass roots Catholic Apostolic initiatives. The goals laid out in our constitution include “To initiate and support activity conducive to the preservation, creation, development and spread of truly Catholic Culture” and “To study, develop, uphold and spread truly Catholic Culture in all and any field of human life and activity, including learning, science, literature, art, music, education, family, medicine, social and economic life, law and other aspects of public life, etc.”

Soon after the founding of SCLC, Fr Alphonse de Valk took over as Board Chair until his retirement. Under Fr de Valk’s leadership, SCLC supported Catholic writers with an emphasis on providing Catholic commentary and reflection on issues affecting Canadian Society. SCLC has also supported Catholic educational institutions at Elementary, High School and Post Secondary levels and recently supported a Private Catholic post-secondary college with seed money to develop Catholic leaders for the future.

Our board continue to enjoy the faithful service of several active and faithful Catholics including Rev. Fr. Daniel Callam C.S.B. (retired Professor of Theology at St. Thomas More University College and currently assistant editor of The Chesterton Review, among many other noteworthy achievements).

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Rev. Alphonse de Valk